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Personal Protection Detail

Our trained Personal Protection Officers will secure you and your entourage when and where you need us. Our guards are trained in all PPD US Army tactics, EP (Executive Protection) tactics and VIP escort tactics. 

Not all PPD, EP and VIP tactics are the same. Here is a short list of training our guards go through before you see them. 

Personal Protection Detail

  • Extensive Live Fire Counter Attack Drills

  • Organization of a Protective Detail

  • Walking Drills

  • Close Protection Drills

  • Advance Work

  • Explosive Device Recognition

  • Travel Security

  • Estate / Compound Security

  • Motorcade Procedures

  • Embuss / Debuss Procedures

  • Vehicle Drills

  • Counter Ambush Drills

  • Final Training Exercise

Executive Protection

  • Protective Invisibility/ Low Signature Follow-up and Limousine Procedures

  • Advance Preparations

  • Protective Hardware

  • Protective Intelligence

  • Communications

  • Organization of Team Details

  • Command Post Operations

VIP Protection

  • Communications

  • Weapons Training (Pistols)

  • Non-Violent Threat Resolution

  • Crowd Control with Principle

  • Egress under hostile crowds

  • Working a rope line

  • Covert weapon carry

  • Working with producers / managers

  • First Aid

  • Working as a two-man team

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