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Tennessee Act 62-35-101

Tennessee Rules

Tennessee Armed Test

Tennessee Unarmed Test

Incident Report

Firearm Incident Report

Online Scheduling: Step-By-Step
Instructions To Schedule Electronic Fingerprint Appointment
Select > Digital Fingerprinting
Select > Schedule A New Appointment
Select > Don't Know Your Service Code
Select > Department of Commerce and Insurance
Select > (As Applicable) Armed Guards or Unarmed Guards
Select > Agree to Terms
Enter > Zip Code
Select > Location | Date | Time
Enter > Applicant Information
Pay > Fee

Important Note: 
Board> Select Private Protective Services 

Items you will need to submit electronically 
- Trainer’s Certificate 
- Electronic Fingerprinting Receipt 
- Photo ID / Driver's License 
- Passport style picture 
As Applicable: 
- Criminal Records 
- DD-214 (Military) 

Important note when submitting electronically: 
- The Photo ID is not s
pecifically called out during the process, upload it in the "Additional Documents" section.

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